Adverts undermined by popcorn


According to a recent study, eating popcorn at the cinema makes the advertising less effective.

When you view a brand name, you remember it by simulating the pronunciation of it with your mouth, but this is disrupted by chewing.

This creates a conflict in cinemas, as selling candy may be undermining the advertising effects, yet on average popcorn is sold at a 900% mark up so both bring in large amounts of revenue for the cinema companies.

This impact doesn’t only apply to cinema adverts either, as another study has showed that chewing gum impairs people’s ability to recall lists in a specific order.

I, for one, often snack while revising. Furthermore, many students chew gum in lessons. Could this be impairing our learning?


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Currently reading 'The Epigenetics Revolution' and reguarly read the New Scientist, so most of my posts will be relating to what I have just read. Currently studying biology, chemistry, maths and psychology at A2, and am the president of my colleges biology society.

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