Chromatography of chlorophyll

Chromatography of chlorophyll

Today I seperated out the coloured pigments in chloroplasts as part of my A2 course. from top to bottom, the colours show carotene, a breakdown product, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and xanthophyl. It worked really well and the colour seperation I achieved is a lot clearer than any I’ve seen on the internet. However, when drying the extracted chlorophyll I unfortunately managed to catch my hair in the hairdryer which formed an immense knot I had to then cut out…! Note to self: always tie hair back for experiments.


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Currently reading 'The Epigenetics Revolution' and reguarly read the New Scientist, so most of my posts will be relating to what I have just read. Currently studying biology, chemistry, maths and psychology at A2, and am the president of my colleges biology society.

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  1. gliderpilotlee says :

    Hi, I just started to follow your interests. Just beginning this so I’m learning about categories to enter my blog into. I think yours was listed “uncategorized” How and why I don’t know Science – your reply – is nicely informative and caught my interest. Good Job
    “find new way – observe- test- take it apart- repeat”

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